How to Remove Stains Effectively

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Carpet Cleaning Solution
January 23, 2020
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How to Remove Stains Effectively

how to remove stains

How to Remove Stains Effectively

The nightmare of every housewife is a stain on a piece of textile. But you don’t have to worry anymore. With these tips and homemade cleaning solvents you’ll be able to successfully remove most of the common stains with little or no effort at all. The key to successful removal of a spot is knowledge about what you’re dealing with and what the type of fabric that is dirty is. There are basically two types of fabric and two types of stains. We’ll tell you all we know about them.

Mind the Fabric

As we said above there are two types of fabric. One of them is sensitive to moisture. You can damage it easily if you spill something like liquid on it. This type demands dry cleaning only and is a little hard to clean on your own. The other is tolerant to moisture. Most of the home made cleaning solutions is targeted to this type because it is the most commonly used. It is completely normal after all. Home owners purchase furniture which can’t be damaged easily by a simple spill.

The magic of baking soda

Fortunately there is a remedy for the first type – the almighty baking soda can help removing quite a large number of stains. You can either just sprinkle it right on top of the stain. Alternatively, mix it with water until you get a thick paste which you’ll gently rub into the stain if it has penetrated deeper into the fabric. Baking soda has high absorbency rate and will attract water molecules leaving your carpet or upholstery clean, dry and deodorized. All you have to do after that is vacuum dried baking soda and hope that you have acted quickly enough before the stain had enough time to set. I recommend you to try to remove as much of the stain with kitchen paper or a clean rag for liquids and a spoon for the solid ones. These two methods will ensure the easier removal of the spots and will save you time. Remember don’t push too much and don’t scrub because it damages the fabric.

A Few Quick Recipes How to Remove Stains

From personal experience I can tell you that in most cases common household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and dish-washing liquid detergent are the best cleaners. Therefore I recommend you to use them for cleaning. A simple mixture of water and vinegar in equal quantities will remove a lot of stains as well as water and liquid soap will do. Hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative to toxic bleach and we all know what baking soda can do. So leave the commercial cleaning solutions and use what you already have at home. It is greener and you won’t have to worry about your health.

On another issue, if you feel unsure about a particular outcome of cleaning recipes don’t risk ruining your home furnishings. Instead contact us and choose our cleaning services. We will do the job safely and professionally.

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