Carpets are one of the most expensive assets in your home. To get the maximum life and keep them looking good it is essential to get them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The dirt in carpets is abrasive so when it is walked over, it quite simply acts like sand paper. Over time this damages the carpet fibres. Bacteria, dust mites and animal hair can also build up in carpets. Our qualified staff uses only the best professional detergents, equipment and technology to make your flat, house or office immaculate.
Fortunately, our professional carpet cleaning solution uses hot water extraction (commonly known as steam cleaning). This helps to remove the bacteria and aid their eradication on a long-term basis. This will quite simply lead to a more hygienic environment and is the best course of action for anyone who suffers from allergies.
We offer our services in any convenient time for you (weekend, holidays after work).