Carpet Cleaning Solution

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January 23, 2020
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Carpet Cleaning Solution

Carpet Cleaning Solution

4 DIY Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There are many different types of carpets and they all need individual carpet cleaning solution approach. For example you can’t possibly use water based detergent on moisture sensitive carpet. Moreover you have to be careful with the pH of the fabric. It will determine which cleaning solvent you should use. Since I have no idea what type of carpets and rugs you have at home I decided to give you some recipes. They are my favourite and those of my closest friends too.

Number One Carpet Cleaning Solution is Homemade Detergent for Steam Cleaner

If you have a steam cleaner at home this recipe is for you. This means your carpet is tolerant to moisture and the solvents you use can be water based. You have to almost fill the carpet cleaner bucket ¾ up. Then in a container mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of liquid dish soap, quarter a cup white distilled vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. Then pour into the bucket and if needed add more hot water, stir the solution until it gets homogeneous.

Another Carpet Cleaning Solution is Dry Carpet Freshener

This one is really easy and you can do it every week. It is really handy if you have a pet at home. All you need is borax, essential oil and baking or washing soda. You need half a cup of both solid ingredients and a few drops of the essential oil. After mixing together everything you have to do is sprinkle the solution on the desired textile flooring and agitate it with a soft brush. Leave it for a couple of hours and then vacuum, the baking soda will remove unpleasant odour.

The Power of Vinegar

Some people hate it others think it is a wonderful cleaner but I’m not really into it, however I have to share this recipe with you. Use one part white distilled vinegar and two parts water to clean spots and for general maintenance. You can pour the solution into a steam cleaner instead of commercial detergent. I haven’t tried it but a friend of mine told me it works, when I asked her about the smell of vinegar she said that once the carpet is completely dry there is none.

Bring Back the Colours

The next recipe is again easy but I won’t recommend you use it if you have a dog in the house because it has ammonia. Pets urine contain ammonia and if you use it you may have to clean unpleasant surprises. Now for the recipe you’ll need half a teaspoon ammonia, three tablespoons liquid dishwashing detergent, one teaspoon white distilled vinegar and 2 cups of water. Mix all the ingredients together and pour them into a foaming dispenser. If you can’t find one use an egg beater to make thick foam because this is what you need to use, if you apply the liquid you won’t be able to get rid of the ammonia smell.

Once you apply the foal directly on the carpet use a damp sponge to gently blot it. You’ll see how the foam is getting dirty and your carpet clean. Now get a damp cloth and again blot to remove any residue which may attract dust and dirt.

Although the recipes for carpet cleaning solution are really effective you should hire professional cleaning services at least once a year. The cleaning specialists can determine the condition of your textile flooring and give you valuable advice on how to maintain it as well as thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs.

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